Here are a few testimonials from clients, as well as organisations I have worked hard with and been granted affiliation to.


Jenny Shawyer has been part of team FLOOF for just under 4 years and is very highly appreciated by all the team. Jenny first fostered a extremely troubled Frenchie girl named Roux who had very complex behaviour needs and we had exhausted everything. Roux had no where to go and thankfully Jenny stepped up almost at the last hour and said she would have her. Jenny was amazing and Roux with all her behaviour issues Jenny worked hard and accepted Roux and never gave up on her where others did. Unfortunately Roux gained her wings after a short but intense battle with CCDS however that didn’t stop Jenny continuing to help our ‘troubled’ dogs when no one else would. Without people like Jenny these dogs wouldn’t be still with us today! FLOOF are extremely lucky to have Jenny with her loyalty, patience, experience, caring and loving our special dogs.

Mrs K Fairhall, Founder of FLOOF French Bulldog Rescue – https://www.fortheloveofourfrenchies.net


Having a very reactive rescue dog who went into a red zone meeting/passing other dogs, cats.
Jenny has not only given us the tools to turn around the negative response to positive walking but we now have a more confident trusting girl who now enjoys walks with us.

Mr and Mrs Morse, Reactive Dog Owners


I own a company that specialises in the rehab of difficult dogs, and my first interaction with Jenny started when I was consulted to help her with her French bulldogs, not that she really needed me! She’s already proven she has more than adequate skill, by rehabilitating and handling the difficult dogs others wont from a rescue she works closely with. This was furthered more when I did a consultation and Jenny demonstrated her natural skillset and understanding of dogs which, believe me, she has in abundance. So much so that through her skillset and some training from me, she’s been able to outshine some other established trainers who have been doing it for decades and I fully support any and all training Jenny provides. If you get the chance to work with Jenny, trust me, take it.

Mr G Rees, Owner of GR Dog Training – https://www.grdogtraining.co.uk


I’ve known Jenny for 11 years after meeting at university to study Veterinary Nursing. Her passion and genuine care was as apparent then as it is now. She’s always put the care of animals first, no matter what role she has been in.

Miss H Owen, Registered Head Veterinary Nurse